Main Advantages

Iberia® experience in the field of wooden utensils and our constant desire to raise standards are reflected in the quality of our products and in the response of our clients and customers. The machinery and high technology that the company owns, toghether with human capital, enable meticulous quality controls to offer the best product to our customers. These advances are reflected, for example, in the Premium ice cream sticks with rounded edges; the best choice for manufacturing industrial ice creams and popsicles. They guarantee an optimum behavior in the production lines, minimizing the usual problems and demands of the consumers. The rounded edge finishing, unique and exclusive in the market, and the technology applied to the quality control assure palpable comparative advantages:

High productivity

photographic and mecaninc sensor quality controls runned by software, added to rounded edges finishing minimize jams in the production lines allowing an optimum productive continuity.

High performance

software selection and Premium quality given by rounded edges provide high performance in production and set up of automatic machines generating time and cost savings.

3) Less waste

Premium quality with round edges guarantees minimum level of scrap in industrial ice cream manufacturing. By reducing jams levels and increasing yields in production, we avoid wasting not only sticks, but also all components that make up the ice cream, labor cost, machinery set-up, etc.

4) Accurate measures

to the usual manufacturing of sticks we add a new and exclusive process where the edges are chamfered with blades that guarantee the proper dimensions of the product giving them the round edge shape and thus avoiding disorders due to differences in measures.

5) Soft Edges

stick chamfering provides a round edge finish, smooth and without splinters that is perceptible both in the manufacturing stage and by the consumer of the ice cream. It ensures better consumer acceptance and a radical decline in chip claims.

6) Selected wood

besides the quality controls and wood selection through different stages, we obtain the optimum specific weight for industrial production of ice cream sticks. Compared with other woods such as poplar or birch, Araucaria pine shows better performance and yield in production lines by having better consistency and higher specific weight.

7) Maximum quality

quality controls along with mechanical selection, photographic and human eye selection, added to the Premium finish with rounded edges offer optimum performance in production lines and tangible recognition in the finished product.

Manufacturing Process and quality control

The wood rolls are selected in plant discarding all those trees that do not fulfill the requirements for the elaboration of the product. Then the trunks are debarked and cut into the appropriate measures, rejecting in the process the twisted woods and logs with knots. The selected trunks are treated with boiling water for several hours to establish the basis of the sanitary conditions of the product and to eliminate the vein stress that can later bend the sticks.
They are then uncoiled in a wood veneer lathe obtaining rolls of sheets of the corresponding thickness which are permanently controlled by digital calipher. The sheets are then automatically punched in a fast and accurate fast-gear machines with the appropriate steel die-cutter, with samples being drawn every hour by means of a digital calipher ensuring that the cut size is within the standards.
Die cuts then automatically enter by conveyor belt into a continuous horizontal drying tunnel of three tracks at a suitable temperature and with a duration of approximately 20 minutes, leaving the sticks with an optimum final moisture content, without the possibility of fungal or bacterial growth. At the exit of the dryer the quality inspector reviews the products at random and controls the measures with digital calipher.
Later the sticks are automatically turned into a continuous polishing drum, where with the mutual friction, polish their edges. Chip particles and dust are sucked out in the same process. Then the sticks are accommodated in a special milling machine which by means of several blades chamfer both edges of the stick in unitary way and selects the undulations in the pieces, obtaining a round finish, extra soft, high quality and exact measures. The quality inspector takes samples every hour and examines completions and measures. Again the sticks are automatically turned over to a second continuous drum which polishes and further improves the finish.
Then the sticks are aligned in automatic mechanical and photographic selection machines which compare each unit with a software standard and thus discard all those that do not meet the quality standard in: width, length, thickness, breaks, chips, color, stains and horizontal or vertical bending.
Finally the selected sticks are automatically packed by special machinery in bundles of 50 units using a band of kraft paper sticked with glue. The operator makes a final eye selection of bundles assuring the quality, hygiene, cleaning and discarding the possibility of strange beings. In this way, the cycle ends by packaging the product in plastic bags inside corrugated cartons that are conditioned, closed and glued to prevent variations in moisture, dust or any other type of contamination; keeping the qualities of the product unchanged.